Neighbors fear more dog attacks in Dixie County community...

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Sara Wegscheidwas riding her bike in her new neighborhood in Old Town in late March when dogs approached her and attacked. She almost lost her leg in the incident and says officials haven't done enough to keep it from happening to other people.

Today we caught up with Wegscheild nearly 7 weeks after the incident that hospitalized her. Her husband changes her dressings 3 times a week and has to drive her to UF Health every week for checkups. Later this month, Wegscheid will undergo a surgery that'll close up a major wound on her leg. Her wound is too deep to close properly without surgery, and Wegscheid would be at risk of a severe infection where she could lose part of her leg.

While her wound heals, neighbors worry that there will be more victims. Neighbors say they feel the risk of a dog attack is so high when they roam around the neighborhood they carry bug spray and a baseball bat to fend off vicious dogs roaming away from their owners.

"I'm constantly questioning my safety for my family and myself everywhere I go now", Wegscheid explains. She tells us only 4 out of the 5 dogs who attacked her were removed from the owner's property by Dixie County Animal Services. Tanya Moore lives just blocks away from the incident and says dog attacks are a big problem in the small neighborhood and that you can call authorities and "it can be an hour to 3 days before they respond to it". Moore won't let her grandkids ride their bike off their property.

Wegscheid says she was horrified to hear that others had claimed to be attacked by the same dogs that attacked her in March. Neighbors believe the owner of those dogs has dozens of other dogs on their property.

We reached out to Dixie County Sherrif's Office who told us they were unable to respond to this incident citing that their public information officer is unavailable until next week.