New commerce park underway in Marion County

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. Another huge commerce park is in the works in Marion County.

County commissioners say, they want to strike while the iron is hot.

Carl Zalak said, "There's not a better lifestyle that you can have outside of Marion County."

With their first major commerce park a huge success bringing Fedex and Auto Zone distribution facilities to the area, Marion County commissioners say now is the time to sign on the dotted line once more and build another park, with hopes of having the same outcome.

Carl Zalak said, "Today means we're going to have people and families employed and we're setting that foundation strongly."

The new proposed site is "Marion Oaks", a thousand-acre site south of County Road 484, between Marion Oaks Course and Marion Oaks Manor.

The project could bring more than 3-thousand jobs to the area and neighbors say they're looking forward to the upcoming changes.

Richard McGinley said, "I think if we can do something right here, with the community around us we're not going to have to drive down I-75 to go to a job. We could come right here and support our families locally and it be a good place for everybody."

County leader say Monday’s signing is the first step in the long process of attracting businesses to the site and for construction to start shortly after.

Carl Zalak said, "We have the ability to have clusters of economic growth along with residential living. That’s the type of living you can here; by owning 1 to 5 acres of land and have your horses as well along with getting up and go to work in the morning you can’t beat that."