Newberry Christian Community School holds safety meeting

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Several parents often send their children off to school in the mornings with a quick hug and kiss.

Lately, some parents say they're growing more concerned that this could be the last situation where they may see their kids.

"I think every parent who has a child in school is going to be scared,” Stephanie Carlson said.

Carlson is the mother of two students at Newberry Christian Community School.

"What I'm trying to teach my kids is you can't live in fear and you make choices to inform yourself, make the right choices, choose to put yourself in the best environment as possible,” she said.

Carlson, like many parents, wants to make sure her kids are safe during school.

She attended a meeting where parents could ask school administrators and law enforcement questions about school security.

As school safety remains a concern for many parents, deputies and officers say they are glad they can offer advice to give parents a piece of mind.

"We can come out and give parents hope that their kids will be okay while they're learning. This is something I know as a parent myself, I now can go focus on the rest of my life to know that my kids are going to be safe where they're at,” Deputy Cary Gallop, with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, said.

School administrators reassuring parents their first priority is to get their kids out of harm's way during an emergency.

"So I also liked knowing that they have changed things immediately to help secure our children and that is their number one priority,” Rachel Flores, another Newberry Christian Community School parent, said.

Parents say they are relieved to know the school has security cameras installed around campus.

"I just really appreciate how everyone is just really doing a good job at trying to figure out different ways to take steps to keep the children safe and just keep everyone safe here on campus,” Carlson said.

Newberry Christian Community School administrators say they will be working to replace doors with different locking systems.

They're also aiming to place cameras in every single classroom.