Newberry High School Receives Large Book Donation

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 12:12 PM EST
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Newberry high school received a big surprise this morning...

The Rotaract Club with the help of the Sunrise Rotary Club received a grant to help purchase new novels which is a need at the high school. With the money 12 sets of new books. Members of the sunrise club and Rotaract club met at the school this morning to label the books.

Newberry high school assistant principal Kris Bracewell, says this is a large grant that will have a major impact.

" The grant itself is valued at about a little over two thousand dollars which is a big deal whenever you consider it's bringing 240 or so books to our students in the classroom that they get exposure to," said Bracewell. "That not just an opportunity for them to read a book which we know is valuable but an opportunity for teachers to develop, develop lessons around those novels."

The school wasted no time handing out the books. Immediately after they were finished being labeled teachers collected the boxes. Then these new books were already in student's hands and being put to good use.

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