Newlyweds sell everything to travel full time

Published: Apr. 17, 2018 at 5:42 PM EDT
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Most of us dream about quitting your job, leaving your life here, and going to travel the world.

One newlywed couple in North Central Florida is selling everything they own and planning to see every country in the world over the next 5 years.

It started when Annette and Daniel Fortner went backpacking through Europe in 2015. Six months into their marriage, they want to become travel journalists.

"We were tired of going through our weeks waiting for Friday and Saturday," said Annette.

The Fortner's started planning their life of travel right after they got married in October with their own blog,

, inspired by famous vloggers they see on YouTube.

"We realized they're people who wake up, eat, take a shower, brush their teeth, and they live their day just like we do, it's just they took the steps to be where they wanted to be," said Daniel.

"We sold what at the time was our most sentimental items, which was our two guitars, and we're like ok if these sell, that's it, we can't go back," said Annette.

From there, they sold literally everything. "We were in debt all the way until February. We made a lot of sacrifices. I mean, we didn't celebrate Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. We would write each other a card and that's it," Annette explained.

They're living at Daniel's parents house until they leave June 19th.

Daniel said, "My mom started being like, 'Wait, you guys are actually going to travel full time?' I was like, 'Yeah!'"

Once abroad, they hope their travel blogs and

videos take off.

"Whether i have to go clean rooms in hostels, whether i have to be a bartender, I am not coming back," said Annette, laughing.

They plan to start their trip in Thailand, hoping to save $15,000 before leaving.