Ocala City Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich announces she won't run again

OCALA, Fla., (WCJB) --- After 24 years on the job, Ocala City Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich has announced she will not run again.

Rich said she will still be a presence at the meetings. Speaking with TV20, she said one of her favorite memories was when she first started. Because she was so "gung-ho" about going to every meeting, she was given the nickname Mary "Suitcase" Rich.

With retirement on the horizon, Rich said she enjoyed the years working toward building a better Ocala and being a voice of the people.

"It's because I've been on there for 24 years, I'm not as healthy as I used to be and my children, which I have four of, say they think it's time for me to step down," Rich said.

Rich's advice for her successor is to make decisions from the heart, and not just because someone else wants it to happen.

Part of her efforts included working to build up west Ocala, and getting rid of the charcoal factory that was once there.