Ocala Mayor approves new plans for Parkside Garden Apartments

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Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn and managers at Parkside Garden Apartments have met to discuss the recent violence in the neighborhood.

Mayor Kent Guinn said, “This is not a temporary fix, this is permanent."

Mayor Kent Guinn says after talking with Parkside Garden management that change needs to happen now.

Mayor Kent Guinn said, "When I was talking to them on Tuesday, they were doing four evictions at that point in time and they had fourteen to sixteen scheduled shortly thereafter."

And Guinn says he doesn't want to stop there, he wants the complex to add new lights, fences, security cameras and a stricter background check for new residents.

Community activists say this is a step in the right direction.

Betti Gadson said, "There is a lot of good people out here and it's sad that they got to suffer for what the bad people are doing."

Darnitha Gaskin said, “I need action, I don't need words I need action. Once I see action the community will start to become restored and have trust in the mayor and the police department."

Parkside management says some of the new changes will start immediately, while others will begin within the next couple of months.

And in the long run, Guinn hopes that crime will disappear with the improvements.

Mayor Kent Guinn said, "People are living in fear over there and that has to end."