Ocala National Forest shooter has died

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. A man from Minnesota who is suspected of killing his girlfriend and their baby on Saturday in the Ocala National Forest has died.

Sheriff's deputies say after shooting 27-year-old Kevin Farias then turned the gun on himself.

Responding deputies say they're still trying to find a motive.

Lauren Lettelier said, "This is one of those cases that we may never know why it happened, but we're going to do our best to try and find out."

Marion County Sheriff's Deputies are still combing through information as to why Kevin Farias took the lives of his girlfriend 32-year-old Jessica Johnson and their baby girl Gabriela.

Lauren Lettelier said, "It's affected a lot of people here to see something so awful happen to someone so innocent, a one year-old and her mom."

Deputies say on Saturday morning, a driver was driving near Forest Road 88, when he saw the three, lying on the ground with gunshots wounds.

Farias, who was still breathing had to be rushed to a nearby hospital where he spent hours fighting for his life.

Lauren Lettelier said, "The male suspect died this morning, he was pronounced deceased so that was Monday's update, he did not survive his self-inflicted injuries."

So now deputies are looking towards the victims’ family members for more clues to help with the investigation.

Lauern Lettelier said, "We're still learning more about the victims and about the suspect at this time, it's still an active case."

And deputies hope to be able to bring both families closure soon.