Ocala Police Department addresses gun violence study by non-profit 'Gun Violence Archive'

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 5:22 PM EST
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Just how dangerous is the city of Ocala? A study by the non-profit 'Gun Violence Archive' reported by the Miami Herald claims Ocala has more gun incidents than Chicago and Detroit.

But officials with the Ocala Police department said this is wrong and misrepresents the city.

The study claims that there has been a 442 percent increase of gun-related incidents since 2014, but officials said this is incorrect.

According to a press release from OPD, gun-related incidents have only increased by 15 percent.

Public Relations Officer for OPD, Corie Byrd said, that most of the incidents cited in the study, where actually outside of city limits.

"People who don't live here or aren't familiar with the area don't know that you might have an Ocala address but you don't live within that city. We're just out to say that that data is misleading and we're requesting that they take a look at it again and maybe alter or fix the numbers to reflect a more accurate data,” Byrd said.

Major Crimes and Patrol Bureaus with OPD are actively working to bring this number down Byrd added.

OPD has contacted 'Gun Violence Archive' to update the data but have not gotten a response yet.

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