Ocala Police Department join in on law enforcement lip sync challenge

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OCALA, Fla. Ocala Police is the latest department to jump into the police lip sync challenge that’s sweeping the country.

The videos are supposed to show law enforcement singing along to their favorite hits and busting out some stylish dance moves.

It’s the latest craze that’s taking every police station and sheriff’s department by storm.

Captain Greg Martin with OPD said, “It’s fun when you look at some of the videos across the nation; this is an opportunity for us to show a different side of who we are.”

Meghan Shay said,“ This is a way for our community to get to see the personality of our team, but also to humanize law enforcement; To see our officers as people who have a sense of humor, who can laugh and have fun and I think it makes us more approachable when we reach people in a time of crisis, they feel like they can trust us and feel like they can invite us into their life.

So as you see your favorite deputies and officers showing of their best moves, just remember they’re here to service you one day at a time.