Ocala Police begin live-action shooter training courses

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OCALA, Fla. With school shootings still fresh in the minds of many Ocala Police have begun live-action shooter training courses for its officers.

The two day courses are meant to help prepare officers for real life scenarios.

It’s a time where Ocala Police officers can fine tune their training for active shooter situations.

Officers will experience hands on training, where they'll work through different types of scenarios, which calls for them to have to think fast on their feet.

Matthew Bos said, "Whether it's visual, or audible as well as students running at them to, it could be fire alarms going off, smoke, the sounds of gun fire; it'll be a lot of different stuff thrown at them at once."

Since the Parkland shooting which took the lives of 17 innocent people last month, the department says each of its officers will continue going through these strenuous courses, so they'll be ready if a school shooting happens in Ocala.

And Bos says it's better for his guys to make the mistakes here rather than during the real thing.

Matthew Bos said, "It's definitely not easy, it's very challenging and especially depending on the layouts of some of these locations whether it's a school a movie theatre or a shopping center, these layouts are huge and it's going to take a lot of resources and time to make sure that area is safe and we're doing this so that we can make our community safer."