Ocala hit & run driver will face deadly weapon charges

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OCALA, Fla. Ocala Police have arrested a man they say is responsible for hitting two women with his car and then getting into a crash on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

The women are still in the hospital recovering from their injures and neighbors in that area say the man's actions were taken too far.

Larry Johnson said, "He could have handled it a better way. Because like I said the solutions of doing what he did does not even elevate to that type of violence."

Ocala Police say Bell drove to SW 12th Avenue last Tuesday and began arguing with his child's mother.

Witnesses say bell then hit her with his car and a crowd nearby saw what was happening and began shooting at him.

Both bell and his car were struck multiple times and while trying to leave the area he hit another woman who was walking by.

Captain Greg Martin with the Ocala Police Department said, "If he would have decided to not use his vehicle as a weapon to begin with, he wouldn't be going to jail, he wouldn't have gotten shot and we wouldn't have two innocent people sitting at the hospital with significant injuries."

Bell is being charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and his first court appearance has been set for later this month.

Officers say the women are still in the hospital and haven't been told when they will be discharged.

But doctors say they should make a complete recovery.

Larry Johnson said, "And especially violence towards a woman. A real woman wants a man that's in control and not controlling."