Ocala man arrested in Orlando after attempting to sexual assault a woman

Published: Jan. 11, 2020 at 11:44 AM EST
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A resident of Ocala is behind bars after officers say he went into the women's restroom of a bar and attempted to force himself on a woman in Orlando.

According to a statement given to the Orlando Police Department, the victim was visiting the Avenue Gastrobar in downtown Orlando with friends and at some point got up and headed to the restroom.

Upon entering the women's restroom, she noticed a man wearing a grey suit to her left.

"You know this is the girl's bathroom, right?" she asked the man, who simply apologized in response.

The man then closed the door to the restroom.

Police then say the man, identified as 21-year-old Alexander Stokes of Ocala, pulled out his genitals in front of the woman and asked if she wanted to have sex with him.

When she declined and tried to leave, he grabbed her and tried to pull her into one of the stalls in an attempt to sexually assault her.

The woman then punched him multiple times before running out of the restroom and alerting staff of the situation.

Stokes exited the bathroom soon after and a bar employee held him down until police later arrived.

Stokes is being held at the Orange County Jail on more than $10,000 bond.