Ohio woman donates her kidney to a man she has never met

A woman from the small town of Southington, Ohio did something extraordinary for a young man she had never met before.

She donated her kidney to 25-year old Joe Dorsey, who had posted a GoFundMe ad on Facebook in need of a new kidney. Tietz and her family live about a mile from Joe Dorsey, but the two didn’t meet until after his GoFundMe post was shared on Facebook.

Dorsey found out during his second year of college that he had kidney disease. He then found out his condition was getting worse.

He posted about his search in January 2017. Two months later Tietz read it, after her son reposted it. And Tietz responded right when Dorsey needed her the most.

On September 20 the kidney transplant took place during an operation at the Cleveland Clinic.

And now Dorsey is feeling better and looking forward to his future as a teacher.

Dorsey's medical bills continue to grow and he isn't able to work yet. A gGoFundMe has been created in his honor to help raise money to pay the medical expense.

To help visit: https://www.gofundme.com/joe-needs-a-kidney-jnak