One Tank Trip: Do Art Studios

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 6:36 PM EST
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If you are looking for something fun to do with the family or get together with your friends… Do Art Studios might be the place for you! They offer you the opportunity to paint already prepared pottery.

They have hundreds of pieces that they can choose from including little figurines, mugs, plates, & bowls. Then they guide you through the process of how to glaze the ceramic pieces and finally fire them in their kiln.

The firing process takes approximately one week after you paint your pottery. Do Art also provides some other options if you don't want to paint ceramics.

Heddy Vernon, co-owner of Do Art, says, “we have canvases that we can help you get set up and paint. We also have mosaic tiles so thats a fun project to do and then we have a pottery wheel so we have pottery wheel lessons here that we offer as well.”

If you want to bring your kids for a birthday party or host a private event, they offer that too. They also offer weekly classes.

Do Art also partners with the non-profit organization, Yopp inc. To help raise money for children and get more people involved in art.

Vernon says, “we really like to give back to the community, so we attend a lot of community events, festivals. We try and partner with other non-profits to do art therapy and to get people and kids into the studio and provide opportunities and scholarships for them to come here and to do art.”

I couldn’t end up leaving do art without painting my own piece of pottery, so I decided to make a tv20 mug! I get to go pick it up next week after it’s glazed and fired.