One medical marijuana dispensary in Gainesville is looking to expand

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- Fluent formerly known as Knox Medical is the first medical marijuana dispensary in Gainesville. Since opening in 2015 the company is expanding as the industry continues to grow.

The medical marijuana company has more than a dozen locations throughout Florida.

"Everybody is starting to understand that there is a way for them to deal with some minor conditions, anxiety, pain, stress, lack of sleep, some chronic pain without the use of narcotics, they understand that cannabis is not addictive, it's organic," said Jose Hidalgo, Fluent CEO.

"I was using prescription drugs for my anxiety and they weren't helping me they were actually giving me nightmares. So kind of didn't like that fro sleeping I was actually able to sleep at night, it was doing the opposite, it was keeping me up at night, so then I spoke with one of the local physicians here in Gainesville and he told me that there are other options like medical marijuana," said Anthony Citron, medical marijuana patient.

Hildago says being informed about the industry is important so that people are aware of what they are consuming.