One year anniversary of seven people in semi crash on the way to Disney

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This is a tragic anniversary. it's been one year since 7 people were killed when a semi crashed into a van containing a church group on their way to Disney World.

TV20's Francesca Stewart tells us what we've learned since that terrible day.

It was a tragedy that struck not one, but two communities a year ago today. Gainesville and Marksville, Louisiana, will never be the same.

On this day a year ago, a semi-truck owned by eagle express lines, crossed a median and hit a van carrying several children traveling to Disney world---right before crashing into a second semi.

in April, the national transportation safety board released its preliminary report on the deadly crash.

the report found that 5 vehicles and 16 passengers were involved. of the seven people killed in the crash, two were driving the semis — and the other 5 were children in the van traveling to Disney.

TV20 reported back in July that multiple lawsuits have been filed against eagle express lines.

And this may be very hard to watch but in July we also received the dashcam footage from the crash.

And while the tragedy stunned several communities and forever changed lives, north-central Florida came together to help in a time of need by donating blood and providing the victims' family members a place to stay, meals, and travel expenses.

Francesca Stewart tv20 news.