P.K. Yonge students kick off robotics competition

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) On Saturday students from the area and around the world kicked off the start of the FIRST Robotics Competition.
P.K. Yonge's Roaring Riptides Robotics Club made it to the World Championship Stage of the competition just two years ago.
Today thirty P.K. Yonge students from seventh to twelfth grade came together at the University of Florida's Physics building to find out what challenges they will have to face this year.
"It changes every year," says Eric Smith, P.K. Yonge senior and captain of the club's spirit team.
"The theme this year is "First Power Up", which is a retro video game theme and we found out all the guidelines and everything for the competition."
This year's challenge will have competing robots pick up and place objects on one half of a scale, hoping to put on more weight than the competing robot on the other end.
After finding out the theme, the students opened up their box of supplies and officially started designing their robot.
They'll have six weeks to build and test the robot before the regional tournament in March.