Parents host parade for teachers at Irby Elementary School

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ALACHUA, Fla. (WCJB)-- Parents let teachers at an elementary school know just how much they are appreciated for their hard work during the pandemic.

Parents who have children attending Irby Elementary School in Alachua hosted a parade for teachers.

They decorated cars and students gave flowers to the teachers as the drove by.

Staff and members of the PTA created the event to honor their teachers .
"I really just want my teachers and staff to feel appreciated," said Tanya Floyd, the principal for Irby Elementary School. "They've gone above and beyond every single day when they come to work."

The school's PTA also worked with Subway to provide free subs to the teachers.

"We all know that there are a unique set of challenges that are present during distance learning and my teachers have done a phenomenal job and I couldn't be more proud and I've heard the same from our families."