Part of SW 6th Street closing for year-long repairs

Next week construction cones and bulldozers will replace the bumper-to-bumper cars on part of Southwest 6th Street in Gainesville

The sound of cars rushing by will be drowned out by construction as this strip gets a makeover.

Work will begin with a road closure between the south side of SW 2nd Ave south to SW 5th Ave.

The project will cost about 3.3 million dollars from the city capital fund and UF Campus Development Agreement.

But for such a big project, residents - mainly students - are left wondering why they had no idea.

“I’m very confused because no one told us and I use that street every day,” said Student Gabriela Mietin.

Now they’re left looking for a way around the problem.

City leaders say signs were posted about the upcoming construction, and that it’s necessary to stay ahead of repairs.

The project, including a traffic circle at the corner of 6th Street and 4th Avenue, should be completed next fall.