Poe Springs still closed two months after Hurricane Irma

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)- A broken dock and washed up sand are just some of the damages still left over from Hurricane Irma at Poe Springs.

"We had a large tree fall across the boardwalk, that allows visitors to come from the parking area into the spring,” Charlie Houder, Director of Parks and Conservation Lands in Alachua County, said.

Poe springs is still closed but other parks in the area, including Blue Springs and Ginnie Springs have already opened up.

Houder says the damage to Poe Springs was more extensive.

Some people in the community have emailed county leaders suggesting they sell Poe Springs to the state in hopes of speeding up the clean up process.

Houder says that’s not something the county is doing at the moment.

“I have heard absolutely nothing about about selling the park to the state,” he said.

Current crews are out removing tree debris and clearing out sand from the bathrooms.

“We will put together an overall damage assessment and then we will submit that to FEMA and then they will determine how much they will cover,” Houder said.

He’s estimating the damages to be at least $100,000.

“We’ll have to rebuild the boardwalk and that’s going to take us some time,” he said.

Houder says there isn’t an exact date when the park will reopen but says it should in a couple of months.