Police escort son of fallen Gilchrist County deputy to first day of school.

It was a full police escort for one 4-year-old boy on his way to school for the first time today. We'll show you who the child is and why sheriff's deputies went out of their way to make his first day a special one

It was a somber but happy occasion at Chiefland Elementary School as one special little boy got a police escort for his first day of school.
Noel Ramirez Junior is the son of Noel Ramirez - who was killed earlier this year while on duty. Both Gilchrist and Levy County Sheriff's deputies want both Noel Junior and his mother to know they're all family now.

Levy County Sheriff's Office public information officer Lieutenant Scoot Tummond said "there is no reason whatsoever that anybody could offer as an explanation of why Noel wasn't here today. A coward took his life so these men and women in green or in blue, little Noel is part of our family now."
Chiefland Elementary School's Principal Michael Homan added: "we just take care of each other we've always done that in this area and it's one of the great things about being around here."

As deputies stood at attention waiting to walk Noel junior into the building it was an emotional scene.
Tummond explained the atmosphere in his own words. "I had a little flashback myself having lived through the first event when his life was taken. That's why I had to remind all the deputies this was a happy moment, it's a milestone for little Noel let's make it a happy moment for him."
Homan said "it went well as soon as he saw his little buddy he smiled and perked up it was great. It was a little hard emotionally to see all the officers because we know what they went through but in the end, it was really good."

Lieutenant Tummond promised for every big milestone in Noel Junior's life he can always expect to have at least one person from his now extended family to be there celebrating with him.
"we as law enforcement family of Noel will be here for those milestones, next year might not be as large but I can promise you someone will be here."