Possible GRU rate increases raises concern

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- The prospect of an increase in Gainesville Regional Utilities rates raises some concern for many residents. A rise in GRU rates is an option to help city officials prevent the utility company from falling into further debt and having the burden fall on its customers.

The last GRU increase was voted into effect this past summer for a two percent increase for residents.

ZIpporah Adelandeyo says that the thought of another GRU rate increase means more time away from her son to keep up with her utility bills.

"Whenever I leave the house I make sure that everything is turned off, unplugged. If I had someone spending the night I'd be like hey if you're not using that please turn that off. It's just annoying," stated Adelandeyo.

Adelandeyo says that her utility bills are over $200 a month and that she ant afford to see them get any higher.

Thursday's City Commission meeting discussed GRU's cash reserves and ways to prevent the utility company from falling further into debt.

City Commissioner Harvey Ward says that rates and budget changes aren't set until the end of the summer

" The possibility of raising rates this year and in future years, but we don't make decisions about raising rates until late summer when we pass the budget for GRU and for general government," stated Commissioner Ward.