Possible sinkholes swallow field at Forest High School

Published: May. 23, 2018 at 9:46 AM EDT
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Several depressions have formed at a Marion County High School

Crews responded to forest high school around 8 o'clock Tuesday morning to assess the area

Kevin Christian with Marion County public schools said, "This area is on the campus, but it's on the edge of the campus and it's in an area where there is no human traffic, it's away from everything and it's actually in a in area designed to hold water."

County crews estimate that the holes are about 15 to twenty feet wide, but officials have not called the depressions sinkholes as of yet.

Emergency management says even though the holes can grow in size rather quickly, that they're very common to pop up during storms.

Lauren Lettelier said, "We want people to be very vigilant this time of year, we have a lot of rain and so this type of activity adds to causing these issues, so we want everyone to be very concerned about this issue and be very vigilant."

Students were let out of class at the normal time and no one is expected to get close to the holes.

Christian says he rather everyone be safe than sorry.

Kevin Christian said, "Fortunately school lets out Thursday so we will not have students on campus for the next week of so then mid-June we'll have several thousands of students back, but that give us an opportunity to go in and make sure everything is good."

And emergency management will be here throughout the day assessing the holes to determine when they will be filled back in.