Pres. Donald Trump supporters demonstrate in Alachua County


As throngs of fans took to Gainesville's streets waiting for the Gator game to start, a group of Donald Trump supporters geared up in their own colors.

The group "Red Hats for Donald Trump Alachua County" set up at the intersection of 13th Street and University Ave waving flags in support of the president

The idea is to show their support for the presidents 2020 re-election bid and the supporters say although this is the first game they've set up this year you can expect to see them at every gator home game next year.

Jeannette Browning who is a group member said,"I have a freedom of expression and a freedom of choice and I ask God to protect us when we come out here because he hasn't given us the spirit of fear, he's asked us to stand up for him and I think standing up for him we're standing up for our country. So it feels like when somebody says something negative it rolls off our backs, you know we're not going to argue."

The group meets once a month for dinner to talk about politics with like-minded people.

You can join the group by searching for the group "Red Hats Gainesville Florida" on facebook. At last check, the group has more than 250 members.