Proposed Amendment Would Temporarily Reorganize CareerSource North-Central Florida

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Alachua County Commissioners are considering making temporary changes to CareerSource North-Central Florida.

Commissioners will vote today on a plan to give CareerSource of Citrus, Levy, and Marion Counties leadership of CareerSource North-Central Florida.

A proposed amendment would have the agency in Citrus, Levy, and Marion Counties provide some administrative services to CareerSource North-Central Florida. The services would be on an interim basis to have CareerSource get workforce programs as a sub-recipient.

The amendment would also allow for CareerSource in Citrus, Levy, and Marion Counties to hire an Interim CFO and support staff, and reimburse the program later.

The proposal says the Interim CFO would be a temporary employee for 90 days. All other temporary CareerSource North-Central Florida employees would be under contract until June 30th of this year, or until the organization is able to establish its own hiring and staffing structure.

This decision all comes after a letter from the state last year said 'CareerSource North-Central Florida' has repeatedly resisted state oversight, and has not properly managed money spent by the company running its programs.