Protestors Picket Phosphate Mine

Published: Aug. 17, 2017 at 11:46 PM EDT
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Protestors from as far as Sarasota came out to let county commissioners know the effects of the mine are not just contained to Bradford County.

There were also residents from each bordering county who had spent the day picketing by the road only to spend hours at the meeting after.

The application was submitted last year by HPS Enterprises, made up of a group of Bradford and Union County families, to mine more than 7,000 acres across the two counties.

Alachua County Commissioner Ken Cornell urged the commission to listen to residents and call it quits on the proposition.

Almost everyone who shared their side noted protecting natural resources as the biggest concern.

“It’s almost 11,000 acres that straddles the New River, which is the headwaters to the Santa Fe and ouR beautiful springs,” said Protestor Becky Parker. “It could infect the whole community.”

Commissioners voted unanimously to accept help from an outside consultant who will break down more information about the proposed mine for the commission at future meetings.