RAWE Recruits Is Helping Students Understand The Sports Journalism Industry

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A program here in North-Central Florida is giving students at The Rock school an opportunity to learn about the sports journalism field.

RAWE Recruits is an organization that helps student-athletes in high school develop their skills for the next stage in their career. Now they are helping students explore other options in the sports field.

Jerome Reed is the founder of RAWE and said this seminar helps student-athletes when they interact with the media.

"We have 16 students 10 or 11 of them are student-athletes that play for the school. With them hoping to go play college sports, this is a perfect chance for them to practice their interviewing skills, how to answer a question and how to ask a question if they're ever on the opposite end of the microphone," said Reed. "It's a really great opportunity for them to do some trial and error with how to respond and making sure they are representing themselves and the sports organization in the right way."

He said this class allows students to expand upon their knowledge in the field.

"This seminar is a way for them to get exposed to the field and all of the pieces of the field as well. When you work in journalism of any capacity you want to be able to write, you want to be able to do video, you want to be able to do photo," said Reed. "This is just a perfect chance to get all of that out in one shot and see where a student may fit in each one of those particular areas."

Reed said this seminar reflects his passion for the community.

"I really feel connected to this up and coming generation. And the tools and the things that I've learned over the past eight years of being in this field, I just want to do whatever I can to help pass the torch in some way. So, in November when the Rock reached out to me about doing something like this I immediately started working on a plan of not just to be here for 9 days just hold a class. I want this to be an experience. I want this to be a true immersion and I think we are executing that."

Last Friday the group stopped by the TV20 studios for a tour of the station. As part of today's lesson, the students learned more about photography.

The seminar wraps up on January 17th.