Local store helps in reforestation efforts in NCFL

The Tractor Supply store in Gainesville is working with the Arbor Day Foundation in reforestation efforts in North Central Florida after damages from hurricane Irma, according to a press release.

Tractor Supply will donate up to 50,000 trees.

In North Central Florida, longleaf pines will be planted in Etoniah Creek State Forest.

For every Husqvarna chainsaw purchased at a Tractor Supply store or on its website by by Oct. 28th, five trees will be planted.

“Hurricane Irma’s devastation was felt not only in homes and structures, but in our natural surroundings as well, and we as a company are committed to ongoing recovery efforts through our Stewardship Program, which is the company’s environmental sustainability initiative,” said Ben Parrish, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Tractor Supply.

The Arbor Day Foundation will supply five million trees to the reforestation efforts not just in Florida, but in Texas and Puerto Rico where hurricanes Harvey and Maria left lasting damage.

“Replanting trees in areas that experienced such devastation is no small task, but it is certainly a critical one,” said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation.

The foundation will work with local forestry experts to determine the best time to replant the trees and help distribute them to affected homeowners.

The trees are expected to be planted early next year.