City Moving Forward With Reichert House Audit

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GAINESVILLE. Fla. (WCJB) - You may remember back in April the Reichert House came under scrutiny when an audit found nearly $40,000 of unexplained spending and lack of transparency.

An outside auditor is still in the process of filing their own audit to compare to Carlos Holt's, who was fired in June due to accusations of possible bias towards the GPD. The 3rd party auditor received the final 3 signatures necessary to release the audit when they are finished.

City officials also announced today they have brought in a CPA firm, James Moore and Company to help improve the Reichert House. Interim City Manager, Deborah Bowie said the goal of the firm is to inform city officials and give them a recommendation on the best structure for Reichert House in the future.

She says the firm should be finished in the next 3-6 months.