Right Care Alliance hosts health care discussion with doctors, patients

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 11:34 PM EST
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The Right Care Alliance held a health care round table Tuesday night at the University Lutheran Church in Gainesville.

The group of doctors and patients discussed how to build a better health care system.

They talked about the costs of health care in the U.S. compared to other countries and the advantages of public insurance for all.

UF College of Medicine professor Dr. Frederick Southwick used the rising cost of insulin as an example of why this issue is so urgent.

“Now the cost of insulin is up to, for the average diabetic, about a thousand dollars per month," said Dr. Southwick. "If you do not have insurance, you cannot afford your rent, food and insulin. So what’s happening is that juvenile Type 1 Diabetics are actually trying to make ends-meet by rationing their insulin, by using less than they should."

Dr. Southwick says this practice of rationing insulin can lead to coma and death.

The Right Care Alliance plans to hold more round tables to discuss health care in the near future.

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