Rise Food Fest celebrates African cuisine

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- One Gainesville man is using his skills as a chef to try and bring his community together to support families affected by violence.

The Rise Food Fest Saturday was the first attempt to unite the community and although not many people showed up, the hed organizer Carl Watts says they're using it as a learning experience and it won't be the last food festival they hold.

The idea is to bring people together through music, dancing, and multiple courses of food. To raise awareness for the many families affected by violence.

"I'm actually from Village and Forest Green I live in the area where we are located now. I've seen a lot of violence throughout my years even as far as my family goes it came as far as to my doorstep so I take it personal with the battle to raise awareness and de-escalate the violence within our community," said Watts.

The event featured courses from Africa as well as some good old fashioned soul food. There were plenty of leftovers so Watts said they would be given to needy families and the rest taken to local homeless shelters.