Robo-call targets Gainesville city candidate and GRU debt

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Election day for the City of Gainesville is next week and some residents have been getting robo-calls about a candidate and growing GRU debt.

Mayor Lauren Poe is running for re-election against candidates Marlon Bruce, Jennifer Reid, and Jenn Powell.

Poe appears to be specifically targeted by the robo-call.

Mayor Poe took to Facebook responding to the robo-call saying: "I am committed to fighting against this baseless attack on our community."

The robo-call also says: "Gainesville Regional Utilities is over 1.6 billion dollars in debt. That's a startling $19,617.00 per GRU customer."
City Commissioner David Arreola says he's disappointed in the misinformation being released.

“No customer of GRU has to pay GRU’s debt, that is completely owed by the utility and paid by the utility,” he said.

There wasn't a disclaimer at the end of the robo-call which is required by a Florida Law saying:
"Any person who fails to include the disclaimer prescribed in subsection (2) in any political advertisement that is required to contain such disclaimer commits a misdemeanor of the first degree."