Run-off election scheduled for Nov. in Ocala, candidates focus on voter turnout

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 5:42 PM EDT
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Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn is celebrating his fifth consecutive election victory, while two of three candidates trying to win the District 2 City Council seat will have to wait a bit longer.

Since none of the candidates running for the open city council spot made it to 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election must be held in November.

Ire Bethea, Reginald Landers, and Tyrone Oliver were the three candidates vying for the district two council seat, but since none of them made it to 50 percent of the vote, another election must be held.

Now residents will have to choose between the two candidates with the highest number of votes- Bethea and Oliver.

"We got 36-thousand people that can vote in the city limits and only 14 percent of them voted, some need to get out there and knock on some doors and talk to some people and let them know how important it is,” Oliver said.

"This is a time of growth, for development, revitalization and we need people to come out and vote for the candidate so that they will have a voice,” Bethea said.

This is the first time both Oliver and Bethea have run for elected office.

Bethea said it's a passion for his community that pushed him to enter into the running.

"People is my passion. Definitely the young folks and the seniors, but my point is this I've always had a love for being a part of the process,” Bethea said.

For Oliver, it's about aiding his community and becoming the voice for those he serves.

"We need to stop telling people what they need and find out what they need. They need to let us know what they need,” Oliver said.

The run-off election to vote on the District 2 City Council seat will be held on November 19th.

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