Ryan Lochte helps promote app by serving Lunches to grace Marketplace homeless

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 6:27 PM EST
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Ryan Lochte took off his swim cap and put on a hair net today to serve lunch to the homeless at Grace Marketplace.

We'll show you what he was there to promote and why he says it's a memory he's excited to show his young son.

You heard about the app on this week's Tech Tuesday, Pinata and Ryan Lochte have joined together.

A spokesman for Pinata Dimitri Falk said, "the whole idea of Piñata is to give rewards for paying rent. It's the first time anyone has ever done that to help build people's credit."

Lochte added, "when you hand the money over you don't really see unless you do it in person. This, you see that kind of like that smile from them like thank you, God bless like that's amazing."

Pinata creators say for every person who pays rent through their app they will donate one meal to a homeless person, roughly a dollar fifty a plate. They have chosen Grace Marketplace to make that a reality.

Executive Director of grace Marketplace Jon DeCarmine said, " we're really excited that people have come out that Piñata is out here and Ryan is out here so that we can bring attention to the plight of people who are out here every single day who don't have a place to go home to every single night."

Lochte says he just wants to give back to the community where his career started and hopes serving food to the homeless will inspire generosity in his young son.

"You know the pictures and everything I'm definitely going to show my son because he's only two and a half but when he gets older I want him to be in the position of being able to give back and always helping people out."

Lochte recently moved back to Gainesville from LA and is training at the University of Florida in attempts to get a spot on the USA 2020 Olympic swimming team for the 5th time.