STEM groups hold "Women in Science" day fair

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) Tomorrow is the International Day for Women and Girls in Science and STEM groups at the University have been working all week to celebrate.
Today eight groups came together at Depot Park in Gainesville to hold the Women in Science Day Fair.
Each group set up an interactive exhibit where kids could learn about the four underlying forces of the universe.
Organizers hope to teach that science isn't just doing calculations in classrooms.
"Anybody can do science as long as you're interested," UF physics graduate student Suzanne Rosenzweig said.
"This is how cool and fun it can be and when you see it and you see these people performing all these fun experiments it's just to inspire."
Organizers believe that by showing off this fun side of science they will help encourage more girls to take up the sciences.