Sabal Trail Pipeline in Dunnellon springs a leak

Published: Aug. 11, 2017 at 6:55 PM EDT
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The Sabal Trail Pipeline sprung a gas leak just west of Highway 200 in Marion County.

And residents say they made phone calls to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the odor, but those calls haven't been returned.

Dunnellon residents say they're dealing with a smelly problem.

Alisha Mears said, “If we can't trust their tanks that are standing outside the ground not to leak, how can we trust the pipeline in the ground not to leak."

On July 16th, Barrow and her neighbors say they reported the horrible smell coming from the Dunnellon compression station site near the Citrus County line to the Regulatory Commission.

And the next day, they sent out crews to temporarily fix the problem.

Janet Barrow said, "It's a typical Sabal Trail response, which is very disheartening. They wrapped towels around the pipes and expected us to just go away and leave them alone and shut up."

Crews also sprayed deodorant on the towels and a representative for the pipeline says," This was a new system and we're still learning."

No natural gas was running in the tanks during the time of the leak, but Barrow says a permanent fix needs to happen soon.

Janet Barrow said, "To the Canadian owned company understand this, real lives matter, no life over corporate gain and Houston you have a problem."