Safety Alert Protocols for NCFL Schools

Q. Are there specific guidelines to when parents are notified about a safety issue in school whether it be very serious such as a threat, or something like an unknown person seen on school grounds? A. Parents are typically notified of Code Red lockdowns in our schools. Depending on the situation, they may also be notified of a Code Yellow. When threats are deemed credible by law enforcement, parents are also notified. Unfortunately, there’s no absolute rubric covering every possibility, but we do try to communicate with parents when the situation warrants it.

Q. Are there state requirements for when you must inform parents of a safety issue? A. You would need to check state statutes. I am not aware of any state statute mandating mass notification efforts.

Q. How do you decide when an incident is important enough to notify students? A. Students are typically on campus when incidents happen, and are made aware either through teacher-student communication or from the administration.

Q. How do you get information out to parents quickly and efficiently regarding safety issues? A. Marion County uses Skylert messaging for mass notification to students / parents via telephone call, email, text message, and social media posting. Of course, this depends on having correct contact information for each student/parent.