Saint Leo University-Ocala Offering Cold Case Homicide Course

Published: Jul. 26, 2018 at 2:26 PM EDT
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Saint Leo University will offer students the opportunity to dig for clues and investigate a "cold case" for the Ocala Police Department beginning this fall.

This is the first time a university will be hands-on with an open case, and their findings will be given to the department next year.

Dr. Robert Sullivan, who will be teaching the class, told TV20, “It's not every day that the chief of police will give a real homicide case to a college class. So there has to be an incredible level of trust between the University and that chief of police."

Meghan Shay with the Ocala Police Department said, "This is a great opportunity for us to provide a case that can now get a fresh set of eyes on it, from them to possibly see things that have been missed or new developments that could potentially arise."

The students will be looking at case from 2016.

Police say the case information and identities of the people involved have to be kept secret from the general public because it could ruin the integrity of the case.

After the course is over the findings will be presented to the police department with hopes of solving the case and giving at least one family some peace of mind.

Meghan Shay said, "Ultimately at the end of this experience we would love to bring some closure to the family of the victim through this partnership. That's the ultimate goal, of course it's a great opportunity for the students at this university to have hands on experience and get some insight into our world and the process that we take to try to bring justice to victims and their families."

The classes will be offered during the fall semester, which begins August 20th and runs through October 14th.