Salvation Army provides housing for homeless during cold front

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. With temperatures continuing to drop in North Central Florida, the Salvation Army in Marion County is helping homeless people find shelter.

Some in the homeless community who say they're grateful for this helping hand.

“Outside isn't the place to be right now, its wet its cold and too many things happen."

Calvin Bryant says if it wasn't for the Salvation Army taking him in during this cold front, he'd be left outside forced to deal with the frigid temperature.

Calvin Bryant said, "I'm like homeless so I don't have that many things, but what I do have I want to keep dry and good. So they've helped me out a whole lot since I been here."

Bryant along with 123 others have found refuge at the "Center of Hope" shelter on 1st Avenue in Ocala since Monday.

Anytime temperature drops below 45 degrees, the Salvation Army starts preparing for extra people to walk through their doors.

Major Dwayne Durham said, "We open up those doors and we do have to accommodate sleeping on the floor. We put mats down and things like that, but we use every available space to make that happen."

Staff for the shelter provides breakfast and dinner; and gives each person their own blankets, pillows and personal aid when needed.

Anyone who comes to the shelter will have to submit to a background check.

Calvin Bryant said, "They'll help you out now. They'll give you vouchers and any other type of need you got, including medical so again I have no complaints with them.”

The shelters check in time is at six p.m. every day.

Salvation Army Officials say during this week, they're taking donations of hats, coats and gloves for men, women and small children.