Satchel's Pizza's "Lightnin' Salvage" close to reopening

Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 6:25 PM EST
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Nancy Branstrom is from West Palm Beach but is a big fan of Satchel’s Pizza.

“I named my dog Satchel,” said Branstrom

She especially loved Satchel’s "Lightnin Salvage” gift shop and bar area, where she enjoyed countless nights listening to local bands with her husband, JB.

“We were really sad when it burned down.”said Branstrom

Just last year, “Lightnin Salvage” caught on fire destroying the entire building, but leaving the restaurant untouched.

“It’s so hard to lose that building and to know that I have to go through and get another building up and running,” Satchel rate, the owner, said.

Satchel was determined.

After 9 months of work, “Lightnin Salvage” is now a two-story building”

“We’re going to have a toy store and a gift shop like we did before. We’ll have a bar and you’ll be able to get pizza,” he said.

Raye also says he’s thinking about making table tops made up of the remnants of the old shop.

“There’s a lot of memories of the old place,” he said.

Like a true artist, he's also covering the whole building in mosaic tile.

“I figured it will take 10 or 20 years but it keeps me busy. I like projects that are big like that,” he said.

A big project with a big price tag, the rebuild costing half a million dollars.

“It looks amazing what he’s done so far. I know it’s going to be fantastic whatever he does cause he’s brilliant,” said Branstrom

The new building is expected to open up to customer by the middle of next month.