School Board and Superintendent under investigation

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- Both the School Board of Marion County and the Superintendent are in hot water as they investigate each other.

A complaint was filed against Superintendent Heidi Maier, claiming employee neglect, while Maier filed her own complaint against the School Board, claiming they violated the Florida Sunshine Law.

An email sent to the Superintendent by employee Terrance Smith, writing "I do not feel my job is safe under the current administration," and "I will not live in fear of a tyrant."

She has since sought legal counsel hiring Ocala attorney, Henry Ferro.

He did not agree to a full interview with TV20 but did confirm that he is investigating on her behalf.

Maier also denied our request for an interview.

Just days after the whistleblower complaint, Maier filed her own complaint that the board violated Florida's Sunshine Law.

At the August 8th School Board workshop, the board voted to move forward with their meeting, not allowing the superintendent to finish her report, which led to the complaint.

School Board Chairwoman Kelly King denied our request for an interview as the investigation is on-going.

The State Attorney's office is also looking into the complaint but was unable to make a comment at this time.