NCFL school districts launch online curriculum

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Fla. (WCJB) - Starting Monday, school districts will launch their online curriculum.

Alachua and Columbia county school districts already have online resources to help students and parents make the transition.

Meanwhile buses in Dixie county will begin delivering meals to specific bus stops.

School doors remain closed for students across the entire state but like many things in North Central Florida, student learning is going virtual.

"All of the online learning tools are pretty easy to understand, kids have access to it, teachers can plug into what they're doing online,” Katherine Weitz, a parent of two Alachua County Public School students, said.

She also said the online curriculum was pretty simple to understand.

"So both of my daughters knew what they needed to do for the entire week pretty much for all of their classes,” she said.

Students from elementary through high school are able to access activities online for different subjects that are matched up with the state's standards.

"So basically what it's doing is serving as kind of a bridge, a curriculum bridge, until teachers have had a chance to basically revise and then post all of their specific, classroom specific, instruction into a remote format,” Alachua County Public Schools Public Information Officer Jackie Johnson said.

School leaders are working to gather and order devices that can be given to students who do not have online access.

"What we are going to be doing is working with families that, for example, if they can use a hard copy packet. We are actually in the process of printing thousands of copies of hard copy curriculum packets,” Johnson said.

Cox internet is offering two free months of free WiFi connection for families.

A link to that information is attached to this article.

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