"Scout" GPS, invented in Gainesville, does more than your average tracker

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- There's probably been a time or two that you lost your keys and wanted to know where they were...well, with Scout, a GPS tracker invented in Gainesville, you can track your keys and so much more.

Losing something important can be frustrating, and worrisome, but with Scout, they put your worries to an end.

“Yes you can put it on your kids, yes you can put it on your dog's collar," said James Davis, co-founder and CMO of Scout, "But you can put it on any vehicle, the flexibility and versatility is what makes it different."

Scout trackers can be used for everyday items, but it can also be used for businesses.

"For your small business owner, that has that has a fleet of 10 or 20 trucks, they are saving on their insurance because they’ve got a scout on there, they know that they know that their trucks are going where they are supposed to be."

Scout comes with a mobile and a web app, so you can see where your dog, your kids, and your vehicles are, in real time.

Scout is adaptable because it is headquartered in Gainesville and made in the USA, so the team can adapt scout depending on what a buyer needs.

“We have actually made a version that goes into body armor, and it can detect an impact, and once that officer or soldier goes down, if he doesn’t get up in 15 seconds, it sends an officer down alert, and the medics can get right to them,” Davis said.

From a bulletproof vest, to a school bus...

“They are going to be adding Scouts to all of their school buses, and creating an app for the parents, and they will know exactly where that school bus is, they will know when it is getting to the bus stop, when it has left the bus stop, when it has gone to the school. We have a lot of things we are about to roll out, like impact detection, roll-over detection,” Davis continued to list off new features.

Scouts cost $99, which is a one-time purchase, and then the GPS tracking costs $14.99 per month. Davis said the team at Scout will soon be offering more advanced scouts, and also scouts that offer more basic services for a lower monthly fee.

“The need that it’s filling it’s different for everybody, for me it’s knowing when my kids leave the house in the morning, when they get on their bikes, and when they get to the school. Everybody’s needs are a little bit different, and honestly we can feel most of those needs with Scout,” said Davis.