Security to be tight and strict for Donald Trump Jr. Speaking engagement

Gainesville, FL. (WCJB) -- As Donald Trump Jr and Kimberley Guilfoyle get set to speak at UF's campus tomorrow night attendees can expect law enforcement presence for safety.

The event which is sold out has some student organizations upset and they are set to protest outside before the speaking engagement.

Steve Orlando is a UF spokesman, he says anyone entering the premises will have clear cut rules on etiquette explained to them and everyone who got a ticket got a long list of prohibited items which will not be allowed inside.

"On a campus this large of course we have speakers coming all the time who represent very different viewpoints, and it's a very large campus so they have a lot of experience dealing with this. They take great care to be prepared and have an appropriate response."

Some of those items include no bags whatsoever, no signs of any sort and no cameras except for credentialed media.

Strict rules on what could be a disruption to the speaker such as excessive or repeated noise and even too much movement from area to area could lead to you being told to leave.