Senator Rick Scott to push forward amid a political showdown on Capitol Hill

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CAPITAL HILL, D.C. (WCJB) It’s Senator Rick Scott's first day in Washington. And his tenure begins under a federal government shutdown. He says Floridians shouldn’t have to choose between having the government up and running - and border security.

In the spotlight, Florida's new senator promising to push forward amid a political showdown on Capitol Hill. Met by a crush of cameras, Scott wouldn’t say whether Congress should reopen the government as the debate over the border plays out. " I’m going to talk to people to see how I can be helpful. I’ll reach out to the president. I’m going to do everything I can to move the process along. I want government to work."

Rick Scott and his family traveled from the Florida governor’s mansion to Washington Tuesday. He has just enough time to see a new Republican sweep into office in Tallahassee but then had to hit the road. " I didn’t get to stay to listen to the speech because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late for this."

After eight years in charge of Florida, Scott will work with Republican governor Ron Desantis and fellow G-O-P senator Marco Rubio.

Following one of the most competitive elections in the country and a vicious recount battle, Scott says he’s focused on the issues that matter to the sunshine state: jobs, education, and safety. "there’s no way in the world we shouldn’t have border. security. we need to do it."

While Scott ran the state of Florida, he declined the governor’s salary. the multimillionaire says he will donate his Senate salary to charity.