Senator are pushing to allow concealed carry to apply across state lines

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(WCJB/Gray)-- Under current laws, people with concealed carry permits cannot cross into another concealed carry state with their handgun. That's even if the state has the same laws. But as TV20 Washington correspondent Jillian Angeline reports, some senators are hoping to change that.

Sen. Ted Cruz argues, "in Texas to get a concealed carry license, you go through a background check, criminal records check, you go through training, and when you receive that license, that license should be valid in other states."

Texas senators say allowing someone who has a concealed carry gun permit to take that gun into another state with similar laws is just common sense. Sen. John Cornyn said, "to me, it's like a driver's license. If I can get a license to drive my car in Texas, why can't I drive my car in Virginia or Maryland?"

This is not the first time the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act has been introduced, but Senator Cornyn hopes this time it will become law.

Andrew Patrick with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls the bill troubling. He says some states have easier concealed carry requirements than others. "Would someone from Chicago be comfortable with someone from South Dakota coming in who's had no training at all and walking the streets with a deadly weapon?" said Patrick.

It seems there is one thing both sides can agree on, a divided Congress may mean the legislation won't go anywhere.

Senator Ted Cruz tells reporter Jilian Angeline, he thinks it's unlikely House Speaker Pelosi would even entertain a vote on concealed carry reciprocity given most Democrats are opposed to loosening gun regulations.

Senator Cornyn says he'll be urging Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham to get the legislation into the Senate for a vote very soon.