‘Sexy Mr. Rogers’ costume is the Halloween getup no one asked for

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(CNN/Gray News) - Fun tribute to a children’s show hero or sullying favorite childhood memories? You decide what this costume is trying to do.

Yandy.com released a “sexy” Mr. Rogers-inspired Halloween costume. The “Nicest Neighbor” getup includes a red V-neck sweater, a detached collar and tie and high-waisted gray shorts.

It costs about $60, but for an extra $13, you can add on King Friday and Henrietta puppets and a gray vinyl wig.

It’s a far cry from the wholesome, heartwarming image of the beloved host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" that many knew and loved growing up.

For those looking for other scantily clad takes on their childhood memories, the company also has “sexy” Buzz Lightyear and Bob Ross costumes. We’re pretty sure no one asked for those either.

The company has previously offered confusing “sexy” versions of other pop culture icons, like Handmaids from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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