Showbiz Wrap 6/30/17

HOLLYWOOD, Ca - At the box office this weekend, it'll be Despicable. Despicable Me 3 is looking at a BIG win - first place, 90 million or more through Sunday, then a bunch of dough leading into the 4th of July holiday on Tuesday. As for the other new movies - Baby Driver opened Wednesday, already doing solid business on strong reviews - but don't place bets on the Will Farrell/Amy Poheler comedy The House - it may not crack 15 million.

Speaking of Despicable Me 3, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig again voice the main characters - and there's a heavy 80s vibe to the sequel. Carell says in the 80s he rocked some pretty sick gear
"My brother gave me a Liz Claiborne jacket that was a powder blue, cotton sort of bomber - barracuda jacket. And it had the biggest shoulder pads. And I wouldn't take it off," says Carell.


And X-Files star Gillian Anderson is calling out her own show, retweeting a link to an article pointing out that the writer's room on the upcoming season 11 is ALL GUYS - and pointing out that of the show's 207 episodes, only TWO have been directed by women. She says she looks forward to the day when he numbers are different.