Showbiz Wrap 8/30/17

HOLLYWOOD, Ca. (ABC) - The Venice film festival.. is going to be huge.
That's according to the organizers who are dropping names like George Clooney to announce they are getting ready for the *biggest list* of celebrities they've had in years.
The festival is now in its 74th year and opens Tuesday with *downsizing*: A sci-fi drama starring another Hollywood superstar.. Matt Damon.

Meanwhile, here at home, Hollywood is showing the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
They are not alone.
The Kardashians, Kevin Hart, and Beyonce are just some of the celebrities pledging their support and making donations.
Other celebs are using social media to get America involved.
Katy Perry for one is urging her more than 100 million followers on twitter to give what they can. .

And with a song called *Houston*, Coldplay is giving back, writing and dedicating the song to the people of Houston.
This after the band had to postpone their scheduled show at NRG stadium last Friday because of the hurricane.
They're now hoping they can perform the song in Houston when they return at a later date.